Detailing Services

Detailing and window tinting Services provided through Automagic Detail at our location in The Richmond Automall.

Basic Detailing $95.00

(7 Seater and Big size truck add $20.00)
Hand car wash, vaccuum, floor mats cleaning, dashboard cleaning, window cleaning (inside and out), door and trunk jam cleaning, air vents cleaning, tire and wheel cleaning, complete exterior waxing
Engine shampoo add $20.00

Full Detailing $175.00

(7 Seater and Big size truck add $25.00)
Basic detailing (as above) plus shampooing, scrubbing, conditioning interior (seats, carpets, floor mats, headliner), claybar, polishing, wax, engine shampoo

Interior Only $125.00
with Engine Shampoo

(7 Seater and Big size truck Add $15.00)

Odor Removal

Our “Ozone” machine eliminates odors from smoke, pets, and other sources. For best results an interior detail is suggested before ozone treatment. Starting at $50.

Car Wash

(Including Free Vacuuming)
Small or Midsize Cars $25.00
Midsize SUVS and Vans $40.00

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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For more information about our Detailing Services or to book an appointment, please contact Dennis or Peter:
Cell: 604-928-7098
Shop: 604-270-1503

Undercoating Services

Authorized Diamond Kote Dealer
Undercoating $199.99 - protect the underneath of your car or truck from rust the elements like rain and snow and from salt and mud.
Rust Proofing $99.99

Paint sealant $199.99

Fabric protection $99.99

Protection Package $399.99 (Undercoating, rust proofing, fabric protection, paint sealant)

Window Tinting Service

Enhance the Look of Your Vehicle

Automotive window tinting enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides a uniform appearance to your vehicle. You've invested a lot in your transportation. Now give it the finishing touch.

Increase Comfort

Automotive window films reject up to 66 percent of the sun's heat, reducing the interior temperature in your car or truck. Window films will help your vehicle cool more rapidly, even after hours in the blazing sun.

All cars are different, please call for specific pricing.